iterable displayer widget

The popup widget provided by this ae namespace portion can be used to display the items of any type of iterable, like dicts, lists and tuples.

Additionally it will recursively display any sub-item of the types dict, list or tuple.

iterable displayer usage

To open a popup displaying the keys/indexes and values of an iterable simple instantiate IterableDisplayerPopup. You can specify a popup window title string via the title kwarg and pass the iterable to the data kwarg (or property):

dict_displayer = IterableDisplayerPopup(title="popup window title", data=iterable_data)

A widget will be automatically instantiated for each sub-item of iterable_data to display the item key and value. The used widget class is depending on the type of the sub-item. For non-iterable sub-items the IterableDisplayerLabel widget will be used. If instead a sub-item is containing another iterable then IterableDisplayerPopup will use the IterableDisplayerButton class, which when tapped displays another instance of IterableDisplayerPopup with the sub-sub-items.


The string in the title property may be shortened automatically by FlowPopup, depending on the width of the popup layout and the font_size app state.



FlowPopup displaying iterable data - useful for quick prototyping and debugging.

class IterableDisplayerPopup(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: ae.kivy_app.FlowPopup

FlowPopup displaying iterable data - useful for quick prototyping and debugging.


the iterable (dict, list, tuple) from which the items will be shown

static compile_data_maps(data)[source]

re-create data maps if changes.


data (Union[dict, list, tuple]) – dict/list/tuple data to display ( binding).


list of dicts to be assigned to self.child_data_maps.

_container: Widget